Bageshwar Travel Guide

Bageshwar This quaint town abounds in religious legends, festive happenings and mind blowing surroundings. Famous primarily as a prominent Shaivaite delight, Bageshwar has its share of patriotic expressions and picturesque interludes.

Situated on the confluence of Gomti and Saryu rivers, Bgeshwar is 90 kms from Almora. According to scriptures, Bageshwar, is truly ablesed place by Lord Shiva.

Baghwath Temple, plays host to the Biggest Uttaryani Mela. Every year thousands of Shiva devouties throng Bageshwar to offer their yrayers and top bhe blessed. Popular belief prevalent here says that prayers of Baghwath Temple are always answered.
Temple and Shhiva legacy are just the beginning of discovering Bageshwar. Take a look around and you will find Bhileshwar mountains over loking in the East. Neeleshwar mountains meditating in the West. Suraj Kund basking in legends in the North and Agni Kund radiating in the South.

For trekking enthusiasts too, Bageshwar is an important destination. Because one can reach Pindari, Kaphni and Sundardhunga glaciers only through Bageshwar. So if your are planning a complete yet 'different break' come to Bageshwar.EXCURSIONS:

Kanda :
This picturesque place is treat for nature lovers and is 25 km s from Bageshwar on Bageshwar chaukori motor road. Ancient Bhadrakali temple is near Kanda.

Vijaypur :
Situated 30 kms from Bageshwar on Bageshwar Chaukori motor road. Vijaypur offers beautiful view of the snow capped Himalayan ranges.

Baijnath :
23 kms from Bageshwar town on Bageshwar Almora. Gwaldam motor road. Situated on the banks of river Gomti. Many temples with idols of Shiva & Parvati can be seen from here.

39 kms from Bageshwar. Kausani is ideal for those who seek to escape from the din and dust, hustle and bustle of big cities and wish to spend a quiet holiday in the lap of nature.

Altitude : 960 mts.
Area : 8.2 sq. kms
Season : Round the year

Rail : Nearest railhead is Kathgodam, 165 kms.
Road : Bageshwar is well connected withg all the major towns and cities of Kumaon, Garhwal region and Delhi, Bageshwer is 137 kms from Nainital 73 kms, from Almora, 47 kms. from Chaurori, 222 kms. from Kashipur.

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