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Adventure Sports: Travel Tips

Adventure tourism would be robbed of its adventure if every luxury and facility were available and nothing was to be left to chance.

All the same, to ensure that your adventure is enjoyable and carefree, various matters need to be kept in mid while making arrangements:

{short description of image} Be prepared for ethnic and even primitive accommodation in huts, and camps.

{short description of image} Be careful about the source of drinking water. If in double, boil it, purify it with chemical tablets, or carry bottled water.

{short description of image} Check on arrangements for food. If you are going to be camping you may have to carry your own. If accommodation is provided, usually food is, too.

{short description of image} For trekking or white water rafting check whether a four-wheel drive vehicle is necessary to gain access to the site.

{short description of image} Always carry reliable and accurate maps. Engage a guide whenever it is advisable. In wild life sanctuaries, it is often mandatory.

{short description of image} Carry a basic first aid kit.

{short description of image} Carry sufficient supplies of photographic film, as - in wildlife sanctuaries and on treks etc - these may be unavailable.

{short description of image} Open fires add romance to a campsite, but ensure that they are permissible (if you are in a wildlife sanctuary, they may not be), and safe. Also ensure afterwards that they are entirely extinguished.

{short description of image} If there are no toilet facilities, check that you are not in the danger of contaminating any fresh water sources with your wastes.

{short description of image} Check whether equipment for camping, skiing, mountaineering etc. is available at the site or whether you need to carry it with you. Binoculars, for example, are not available for hire at wildlife sanctuaries.

{short description of image} Check that your equipment is reliable, and is in good, usable condition. This is especially important for river rafting, skiing, mountaineering etc. Check that shoes fit well and are comfortable.

{short description of image} Climate and temperature vary widely not only throughout that year, but also between day and night (in the desert), dark and light (at high places like Leh, when the sun goes behind a cloud), and, of course with altitude.

{short description of image} So ensure that your clothing is suitable for all appropriate weather conditions.

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