Music of India: Tabla

Alla RakhaTabla, an evolution of the oldest percussion instrument - the damru of Shiva, is believed to be an innovation of Amir Khusrau (a courtier of Allauddin Khilji in the 13th century).

It is said to be derived from a kind of Arabian drum called Tabla.

It consists of two drums - Dayan (Right) or the Tabia being made of black wood and the Bayan (left) or the Duggi being made of wood, clay or copper.

Both are hollowed from inside and covered with skin fastened to leather straps which are stretched over the body of the drums by means of leather braces.

These straps are pulled to raise or lower the pitch.

The two pieces of Tabla are generally tuned one octave apart. In the hands of a master, Tabla is capable of producing all patterns of rhythms with well-established time cycles (tolas).

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