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Dhundhar Travel Circuit

Places of Interest: Jaipur - Samode- Ramgarh- Dausa- Abhaneri

Jaipur, the Pink City and rajasthan's colourful capital, is full of things to see and do. There are impressive monuments, an excellent range of handicrafts, a wide variety of cuisine, and entertainment that can keep you enthralled for days. In fact, you will find youself wanting to extend your holiday. It is a city that can cast its spell on you from the moment you arrive.

The half-day and full-day tours will enable you to see the important monuments. Other than these guided tours you also have the option of exploring the city in city buses, scooter rickshaws and the humble, but practical, bicycle. These are available outside most hotels and the staff would be more than happy to organise these for you.


Highlights of the tour will include famous sights such as the magnificent Amer palace, the old capital of Jaipur. A fascinating blend of Rajpur and Mughal architecture , this red sndstone and white marble palace has some very interesting apartments, the likes of which are not to be found anywhere in the country. Diwan -I Aam, ganesh Pol, Sheesh Mahal, Sukh Niwas, Jai Mandir,man Singh Palace and Shia Devi Temple are some of the places that you should not miss.

On your way back from the palace,take a slight detour and visit the old township of Amer that lies at the foothills of the palace. Of interest are the old temples like the Jagat Shiromani temple, the Narsingh temple and the Panna Meena Ki Baodi, or step well. The rulers and their wives were laid torest in the beautifully located Gaitor and Maji Ki Chhatri, or the Maharani's cenotaphs, respectively. Carved cenotaphs stand in their memory.

In the same vicinity are the hill forts of Jaigarh and Nahargarh that look down on the city. Jaigarh is rugged fort and has the most amazing water storage system and the largest canon on wheels in the world - the Jai Van.Nahargarh is named after a local deity Nahar Singh and provides some spectacular views of the city below. Nahargarh has nine palaces within its compound with some beautiful woodwork and frescoes. Be prepared to spend a little extra time here as the fort is best explored on foot. Bring your camera along and get some good pictures of the sprawling city from the ramparts here.

When you head back from the garland forts, stop at the newly restored Kanak Vrindavan temple complex and the Jal Mahal palace. This area is especially interesting after the rains.

The old, walled city has a history going back to 272 years. Explore the wide streets and the uniform shops that line them, the huge havelis where the rich and the important lived - all the courtiers the businessmen and the artists. Wear a pair of comfortable walking shoes and explore the streets of the walled city where a wealth of local crafts await you. Se the artisans at work as they give shape to some of the most exquisite handcrafted items from jewellery to tie and dye fabric. Try, as far as possible, to buy from the Rajasthan Government emporia. You will find a lot of shops and supposedly 'approved' showrooms, be careful, you might end yp paying more than you should. Visit Johari Bazaar, M.I.Road, Tripolia and the various gullies that branch out the main streets for a wide range of handicrafts.

There are hundreds of beautiful temples with some fine carvins and painted walls. The meticulous planning and the amazing sights that have given Jaipur its unique charm are part of the city's rich heritage that is taken for granted by the local people, but for visitors they're visual treat.

When you enter the city, the first major monument that greets you is the spectacular Hawa Mahal, or the Palace of Winds that provides some excellent views of the streets from its fifth storey. Located just behind it are Jantar Mantar, the unique observatory built by the founder of Jaipur- Sawai Jai Singh and te city Palace with its fabulous museum that displays some of the most amazing treasures held by the Jaipur royal family. A little further away are the important temple of Galta, the gardens of Sisodia Rani and Vidyadhar. Like all other cities in the world, Jaipur too has been changing over the years.

While the old Jaipur fascinates, the new Jaipur seems to cling to its past while making way for the future. Jaipur is surrounded by a lot of interesting tourist destinations. Forty kilometres to the north is the popular Samode with its fairytale palace that has some of the most exquisite mirror work and frescoes. To the east is the resort of Ramgarh with its huge artificial lae and cottages where you can spend a quiet weekend. A temple and the ruins of its old fort are areas of interest. Further east is the historical town of Abhaneri. Now in ruins, this deserted township has a 7th century temple of Harshad Mata and a step well known as Chanda Baodi.

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