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Gems TheraphyCrystals, gems and mineral are solidified reflections of those properties which are already within us. In Gem therapy they are seen as aspect of ourselves; as tools, as guides, as gifts from nature , to be enjoyed. Gems and precious metals are used to balance planetary influences and to act directly on life force. Having the capacity to both attract and dispel positive or negative energies, their healing properties are applied by wearing them in jewellery or having hem in some way close to the body; placing them in water overnight and drinking the water the nest day; drinking water from vessels made of specific metals such as gold, silver, or copper, or copper, or taking gem tinctures in water. Precious stones and metals are also oxidized and purified in medicines in India. Called "bhasma", these substances go deep into the body and can help in the healing of deep-seated illness or in rejuvenation.

If gems are to be use for healing, they should be purified by immersing them in slat water for at least two days. Water from sacred places is also sometimes used, such as water from the Ganga. Their power can also be enhanced by chanting sacred syllables and mantra over them. Gems are most effective when they weigh more than two carts and are worn in contact with the skin. If a precious stone of two carats or more is not available, it is better use a semi-precious stone that is larger. To allow direct contact with the skin all rings and pendants should have an open backed setting and the preferred metal is gold.

Gems TheraphyIndividual stones are said to have properties that influence the "doshas" in individuals and increase the well-being of the wearer. Some of the commonly worn stones include the Topaz which is said to decrease Vta and helps to relieve fear. A yellow sapphire is worn to enhance energy and vitality and is generally considered good for health. An Amethyst while decreasing Vata and Pitta is supposed to balance the emotions and an Opal is considered to have a positive influence on the wearer, promoting friendship, compassion, creativity and understanding, Presious stones like Diamond, Sapphires Rubies and semi precious stones like Lapis Lazuli, Coral, Beryl and Moonstone - have their own attributes and are recommended to correct various imbalances in the body.

India has a wealth of Gem Stones, Shops in all major cities have precious and semi-precious stones.

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