Ecotourism In India

Awesome, serene and inspiring snow bound Himalayas are on of nature's Most Beautiful gifts to mankind. As a visitor, please make sure to respect local traditions and culture, help maintain local harmony and protect the majestic natural environment.

Please observe the following :


¤ The use of polythene and plastics is unhealthy for the environment. Kindly use only if necessary.

¤ Carry away all non degradable litter-empty bottles, tins, polythene bags ect. And throw them in municipal dustbins only, lso that they can be disposed off properly.

¤ Observe the sanctity of holy sites. In case of anyofferings contact the staff of the temple committee only.

¤ Do not listen to radios, tape rcorders or any other electronic entertainment equipment at high volume to avoid noise pollution .

¤ In case temporary toilets are set-up near camp sites, after defecation, cover with mud or sand. Ensure that the spot is atleast 30 mts. from a water source.


¤ Allow the flora and fauna to flourish in its natural environment. Taking away of cuttings, seeds and roots is illegal in the Himalayas.

¤ Avoid using pollutants, such as detergent, in streams or springs.

¤ Do not use wood as fuel to cook food at the camp site and do not destroy the forest wealth of the Himalayas whichare our heritage.

¤ Do not leave smouldering cigarettes or make open fires in the forests. o Do not consume alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicant.

¤ Do not tempt the local children by offering them foostuff or sweets. Respect local traditions.

¤ When taking photographs, respect privacy; ask for prior permission and use restraint.

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