Medicare: Healing Opportunities

Besides being the land of the Taj, the land of the Raj, the land of culture, the land of tradition, the land of spiritualism, India is second to none when it comes to providing health care facilities. And this has become possible because of the emergence of the private sector in a big way in the health sector. Also as a result of this the medical help in India is now comparable to the best in the world. India is an ideal stop for treatment because of various factors like world - class hospitals, state - of the art technology, competent doctors, professional management, top quality nurses and paramedical staff and all this is on offer at comparatively lower prices making it economical as well.

More and more people are realizing that India is the place to come to for that India is the place to come to for treatment, if you're looking for reliable and economical treatment. The price factor is a major plus as far as India is concerned. It has been noticed that the cost of getting yourself treated is 10 per cent of what it costs in the developed countries. This becomes very evident when you notice that the average cost of a cardiac surgery at the best hospital in India costs US$ 4,500. This coupled with the fact that cardiac surgery in India has a success rate of 98.5 per cent, which is comparable to the best institutions in the world, is certainly a major benefit. Hospitals in the major metros of India have already recorded a twelve per cent international patient flow. These patients are mostly from neighbouring and South East Asian counties. And these figure are expected to grow much more in the near future.

You can come to India for specific treatment or for a regular medical check - up. And even if you've come to India on business or for leisure purposes and you fall ill, there's no need to panic. Most of the top hospitals are centrally located in major India cities, are easily accessible and are capable of looking after you well. And as far as rural India is concerned even though the infrastructure might not be world - class, the medical attention is prompt with competent doctors available even in the remotest corners of the country.

And for those who plan to get a regular medical check - up done, India is an ideal place to be, With its numerous other attractions, one can come here with the family and combine the medical check - up with a pleasure trip for the family. All the major cities have five - star hotels which can play host to your family while you undergo treatment or a medical check - up. And there are a number of immensely popular attractions to make sure that neither you nor your family get bored.

Besides advancement in various systems of modern medicine, India also has a rich heritage in the areas of traditional or natural medicines. Alternative or traditional systems of medicine operate on the principles of holism - they consider the human body as a synthesis of its physical, mental and spiritual dimensions. Most alternative systems of medicine have no side effects and are low - cost oriented. So, you can choose from various systems of alternative medicine too, be it acupuncture, aromatherapy, astrotherapy, meditation, ayurveda, Unani medicine, mud therapy, physiotherapy, pranic therapy, reiki, silva method, Tibetan medicine, and many more.

Of late India has also become an important destination for medical conferences. Major international medical conferences on Ophthalmology, Oral Cancer, etc. were held in India with many more on the anvil.


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