Medicare: Health Check-up

Many common and life threatening conditions can be treated successfully if detected early. May leading hospital in India have health check-up programs that screen every part of the body meticulously and professionally. A proper health check-up scans your bio-history, interprets signals and provides the opportunity for the proverbial "stitch in time". A heart check-up constituting of echocarediography, consultation by a senior cardiologist, blood test, general test and haemogram can go a long way in ensuring a healthy heart. The test can be done at any of the leading cardiac hospitals or private clinics.

A comprehensive health check-up contains the following tests:

-- Doctors consultation and full medical examination.
-- Blood tests.
-- Complete Haemogram (hb, TLC, DLC, ESR, Haematocrit, Peripheral Smear)
-- Blood Group (ABO, RH)
-- Blood Sugar ü Blood Urea.
-- Serum Uric Acid.
-- Serum Creatinine.
-- Serum Cholesterol.
-- Lipid Cholesterol.
-- Urine and Faeces Examination.
-- X-Ray Chest PA.
-- ECG.
-- Exercise Stress test (TMT).
-- Stress Screening by Psychologist.
-- Eye Examination.
-- Gynaecologist Consultation and Pap Smear Test.
-- Post Check-up consultation.
-- Optional tests

Some additional tests may be advised by your doctor which may include:
-- Pulmonary Function Tests
-- Ultrasound Screening for the Abdomen.
-- ENT Examination.
-- Screening for Liver Disease.
-- Hepatitis B Screening to Assess Immunity and for Detection of Carriers.
-- A test for AIDS can also be requested.
-- Screening for Kidney Disease.

These tests can be done at any leading hospital, private and public. Many pioneering hospitals having comprehensive health check-up packages and rates that can cost between Rs. 2,000-2,500.


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